HTAN Single Cell ATAC Sequencing Data Standard


This page describes the data levels, metadata attributes, and file structure for single cell ATAC (Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin) sequencing.

Description of Assay

ATAC sequencing is a sequencing method that uses an engineered Tn5 transposase to target sequencing adapters into accessible regions of chromatin. This method can be used to map transcription factor binding sites, nucleosome positioning, and other accessible regions of the chromatin surface1. Single cell ATAC sequencing employs the same methodology at single cell resolution, identifying chromatin states in subpopulations of cells within a sample2,3.

Metadata Levels

The HTAN data model currently supports Level 1 and 2 scATAC-seq data:

Level Number


Example Data


Raw unaligned data

FASTQ or BCL files containing unaligned reads.


Aligned sequence data and QC information

BAM files containing aligned sequence data. QC results captured as metadata.

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